Reportedly, Meghan Markle struggles with handling criticism and is perceived as self-centered or arrogant

According to Astrology expert Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion, Meghan Markle has been accused of using others to get ahead in life without any hesitation. Bell arrived at this conclusion after studying Meghan’s birth chart and her personality traits as a “metal rooster.” Bell explains that the Leo Metal Rooster, like Meghan, is a strong-willed character with a sizable ego who is both confident and hungry for success. While they cannot handle criticism, they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals, unlike many Leos who rely on others to succeed. Ms. Bell believes that Meghan’s motivations and plans for the future are apparent and predictable based on her personality traits.

Michelle Bell also mentioned that individuals like Meghan, who have the personality traits of a Leo Metal Rooster, are very calculated and strategic in their actions, leaving nothing to chance. They are determined and focused on achieving success and recognition. Leos are confident and passionate, while the Metal element brings in strong will and ambition, and Roosters are flamboyant and bold, with a certain charm and charisma that can attract people towards them. However, the desire for recognition can sometimes be a double-edged sword, as it may come across as self-centered or arrogant, which may alienate those around them. Ultimately, Roosters are confident and self-assured individuals who seek attention and recognition.

Nicholas Sheppard, a cultural commentator and Sky News contributor, has expressed his doubts regarding Meghan Markle’s claims about being on her “psychological last-legs” because of the lack of any reaction from King Charles. Sheppard believes that during the royal fallout, the “establishment” faction, represented by Charles and William, took a conservative approach by relying on the long-established goodwill towards the institution of the monarchy. This approach is often considered the safest and most prudent in such situations involving the royal family.

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