Days before May 4th, a popular trend has frightened ‘Star Wars’ fans by making them assume the worst

Star Wars enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating one of the most significant days in fandom history. Each year, on this day, Jedis, Stormtroopers, Droids, and Clones unite to pay tribute to the entertainment subculture that feels like home, despite being light-years away. This celebratory day owes its origin to a famous catchphrase in the Star Wars fandom, which also doubles as a greeting you can exchange with your friends and loved ones.

Fans of Star Wars were taken aback when a legendary figure from the franchise started trending on April 29, instead of the expected day of commemoration. James Earl Jones is not only revered within the intergalactic community but is also an icon in the entertainment industry. Fans were anticipating to see Darth Vader trending on May 4th, as part of the celebration of “May the 4th Be With You.” The unexpected trending of Jones caused concern amongst fans, as they feared something dreadful had occurred. However, a quick search revealed that his name was trending due to a Tweet from a Twitter user, @GoldBlooded79. The Tweet posed a simple question, asking which famous personality one would prefer to narrate their life. James Earl Jones was among the popular choices, alongside other renowned names like Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson. Nonetheless, fans worried about the trending of Jones since they were not anticipating a tweet to be the reason behind it. Jones’s name, among other celebrities attached to the Tweet, would leave fans feeling uneasy if they trended for no apparent reason.

The situation with James Earl Jones caused some anxiety among Star Wars fans, who were not expecting to see his name trending before the upcoming commemorative day. This unexpected trend brought back memories of the “Betty White effect” or the feeling of unease that arises when you see the name of a beloved celebrity in the news. Fans feared the worst until they discovered that the trend was caused by a tweet that asked which celebrity people would want to narrate their life story. However, some fans were concerned about the well-being of James Earl Jones and other celebrities whose names trend without an obvious reason. They suggested adding an emoji next to their name to indicate that they are okay. Fortunately, the James Earl Jones trend was harmless, and fans can look forward to Star Wars Day, which is just around the corner.


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