Top Apps for Playful Pranks on Your Friends

Top Apps for Playful Pranks on Your Friends

What are prank apps?

Prank apps are mobile applications designed to create humorous and often misleading scenarios. They function by simulating certain events or sounds that can trick your friends into believing something that isn’t real. These apps are harmless and intended purely for entertainment purposes, ensuring that the pranks are fun and enjoyable without causing any actual harm.

15 Best Prank Apps for Android to Playfully Fool Your Friends

Pranks can be a great way to have fun, share a laugh, and entertain your friends and family. While traditional practical jokes can sometimes go too far, mobile pranks are considered harmless and enjoyable. If you’re looking for new, free, and pleasurable ways to prank your friends, then prank apps for Android are the perfect solution. These apps, available on the Play Store, offer a variety of funny and creative pranks that will surely create moments of laughter and amusement. Let’s dive into the top prank apps for Android and explore the entertaining pranks they have in store for you:

Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker Free is an amazing app with numerous features that you should definitely try. It offers easy installation and usage, and you can track WhatsApp and Facebook messages without rooting the phone. It’s an excellent tool for monitoring your children or employees in real time, and thousands of satisfied customers can vouch for its effectiveness.

Fake GPS

This app allows you to teleport your phone to any location in the world with just a few clicks. By setting up fake GPS locations, you can make other apps believe that you are somewhere else. However, be aware that your location may remain locked to the last mocked location even after uninstalling FakeGPS. There are ways to fix this issue, and the app offers Tasker support for more functionality.


BOMBitUP is an Android application that lets you send tweets, phone calls, and emails anonymously. You can have fun pranking anyone with no limits and without hidden charges. The app allows you to create SMS blasts, make anonymous calls, and send multiple emails, making it an excellent prank companion.

Fake Call

With Fake Call Prank, you can simulate incoming calls to play a prank on your friends. The app lets you set caller names, numbers, pictures, and even choose characters like police or pizza delivery. You can also set a custom ringtone and record a voice for the caller, making the prank more convincing.

Voice Changer

This app is perfect for changing your voice by applying fun audio effects. It’s simple to use and allows you to record audio and apply effects to it. You can also open an audio file and apply effects, view and edit saved audios, and share the funny audios with your friends on social networks.

Broken Screen Prank

With Broken Screen Prank, you can simulate a cracked or shattered screen on your Android device, making your friends believe they accidentally damaged your phone.

Fart Sound Prank

With Fart Sound Prank, you can prank your friends by playing various funny fart sounds at random moments.

 Crack Your Screen Prank

Similar to Broken Screen Prank, this app generates realistic sound effects of a cracked screen, tricking your friends into thinking their touch caused the damage.

Scare Prank – Scary Ghost

Want to add some spookiness to your pranks? This app allows you to scare your friends with eerie ghost pop-ups.

 Prank Chat & Prank SMS

Create fake chat conversations and prank your friends with this amusing app.

Electric Screen Prank

Simulate an electric shock on your screen when someone touches it, leaving your friends startled.

X-ray Scanner Prank

This app mimics an X-ray scanner, allowing you to scan your friends’ hands or other objects for some hilarious outcomes.

Hair Clipper Prank

Convince your friends that you’ve become a hairdresser with this prank app, producing realistic hair clipper sounds.

 Nail in Screen Prank

Make your friends think they’ve accidentally put a nail into your phone’s screen with this entertaining prank.

 Smoke Effect Art

With this app, you can add cool smoke effects to your photos and surprise your friends with stunning visual tricks.

 Motion Fart – Prank

Make your phone emit fart sounds when it detects motion, leading to some hilarious moments.

These prank apps for Android offer a wide range of entertaining pranks to keep you and your friends amused. Whether you want to surprise them with fake calls, alter your voice for fun, or use fake GPS locations to confuse them, these apps have got you covered.

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